Humble Bazooka

Gamers with all Skulls On


Humble Bazooka is a video game Podcast and website that covers retro and modern games. It is run by two guys who have a unquantifiable appreciation for the medium and over 30 yrs experience between them - just don't call them old! With over 80 episodes, Humble Bazooka is a great source of news, reviews, and opinions on all things video games.

Project Thoughts

This website is actually run by me and my brother. It took a year of designing and coding to finish the latest version and is both a testing ground and a proving ground for ideas I can't always use with client websites.


  • Mobile ready
  • Heavy PHP, CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery was used on this website.
  • All of the websites icons and flat images are Vector Graphics (SVG).
  • The logo has evolved quite a bit over the years but I settled on a simple design with the iconic "d-pad" and four "face buttons" that make up the skull's eyes.